Optimize your price positioning and your strategic decisions.
Intelligent competitive intelligence and analysis
Posipricing has been designed
to efficiently meet your business expectations

With Posipricing, you can quickly access key information about your competitors and marketplaces--online prices, promotional strategy, range of products, etc.

Monitor your price image and optimize your offer to consumers.

Save time in collecting and processing the information you need for your price positioning.

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With Posipricing improve your positioning and business performance with quality price quotes and dynamic visualization of competitive information.

The pleasure of improving your Competitiveness

With Posipricing you no longer need to spend hours analysing your competitors' prices and products to work on your pricing strategy and marketing positioning. Posipricing gives you access to the information you need on any device (computer, mobile or tablet). The return on investment is quick.

Why choose Posipricing ?
Posipricing is a quick and easy way to meet your business needs.
It all started with a
They trust us

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